weekend alone


When Boy goes away for a work training,  I have a little party. Not because he’s gone, of course, but more because I’m hanging out alone with nothing to do. So this weekend I went out and drank myself some local beer, bought gorgeous and delicious chocolates, found a bookstore off the beaten path, and ate the best gyro I’ve ever had (if you look closely, you can see the french fries. Like, what?).

All you’re gonna get after the cut are foodie pics, so have at it,

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Five – still alive.

Because of this training program, Saturdays are long run days. Last weekend I missed my first shot at 5 miles because I ran the 5K (which is only 3), so I tackled my first 5 yesterday – AND KILLED IT. Honestly, things are going so well with this training that I’m waiting for that really shitty run day – but that day was not yesterday.

I drove to the bike trail that’s two minutes away from the house because I’ve been getting sick of running loops around our neighborhood. The one long road that I do run is riddled with hills and I felt like hitting some flat ground, so to the trail I went. I ran 2.5 miles and turned around and just straight murdered it.

I also walked away from it with the feeling of triumph and that “runner’s high” I thought I’d only ever hear about in conversation with friends.

I also slept until 10 today because I am EXHAUSTED. My muscles are sore, though I stretched both before and after running.

Any tips from you runners out there on pre- and post-run things to do to help ease the muscle pain?


Flying solo…with sangria.

Boy left for a work trip to Arizona yesterday, and considering the fact that I did such a bang-up job on my 5K I decided to use the day to treat myself a bit.

I ventured to Montague in search of the Book Mill, a used bookstore housed in an 1842 gristmill and alongside the Sawmill River. It felt astoundingly like someone’s home, a cozy two-level building filled with books that covered every subject imaginable. The windows were open since the day was so gorgeous, and I took advantage of it to sit in one overlooking the rushing river.

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I bought Buddha or Bust and settled in to a deck table at the Alvah Stone, where sangria and a pretzel with pimento cheese were on the menu for me. That sangria? SO strong. Also filled with apples, which I love. Also, not a good idea after draining myself dry via 5K.

1434215683841 1434216101463 1434217338297And as if that wasn’t enough, dessert from Atkins Farm! A donut. Topped with LUCKY CHARMS MARSHMALLOWS.

Snapchat--5460326178492084762Aaaaand 5K cheat day, complete!



I’m just PRing all over the place!

In addition to the half marathon, I signed up for the Six Flags Roller Coaster Race 10K in September and told myself I’d do at LEAST one 5K this summer – which I did this morning.

Two years ago I ran a 5K and clocked in at 31:28. Today? 28:06. HELL YES.

I ran the Champions of Chicopee and I think it helped that I’ve never been in Chicopee so I had a lot of scenery to look at as I ran, a great distraction. A block away from the finish line I had the sense that the end was near, so I started sprinting and rounded the corner to see a big 27 flashing on the race clock, which made me run even harder. I felt like I was front of the pack for a lot of the race (I weaved around a bunch of runners in the start and had three people pass me, but I also passed two myself), so I was interested to see where I landed in the rankings. It turns out I was 20th out of 93 people, with a pace of 9:05. UNBELIEVABLE.

The night before I bought a tank top that says “Brooklyn” on it in honor of the half, and I’m officially making it my race day shirt, for any race leading up to the half.


Snapchat-2654849984722476434 (1)

Not only is my job perfect in what I do and the people I do it alongside, but there are also ample opportunities for food. I’ve tried papaya, bee pollen and insanely hot salt thus far – and today I had the chance to add mango smuggled in from Florida by publishing clients to my already fruited-up salad.

Look at the color on this thing. Mmm.


This…is a first.

I really, really like to run. This is astounding because prior to this revelation running was a form of actual torture for me.

This came about because I’ve signed up for the Brooklyn Rock n Roll half marathon in October, done at the urging of Sally (new co-worker and friend!) who is running it for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, a charity she’s been involved with for a while, being a Leukemia survivor herself.

I’ve been on the fitness train the past two years, it’s true, but I’ve started to get very serious, so when we were all chatting at lunch one day I brought up the fact that I’ve been running some more, hence the asking to fund-raise and participate. Since agreeing I started Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon Training program and yesterday was my first big run – a 4-miler. Prior to this I’d only done a 5K two years ago.

Well, after two miles I found myself in a groove and I just didn’t want to stop running – so I didn’t, not for 3.2 miles. Before that I had gone only 2.25 miles straight without walking. I was SO STOKED! And then I finished the 4 miles and was elated. I felt confident and like I could run anything, like this half marathon was actually attainable and not just a pipe dream.

I’m ready, October. I’m comin’ for ya.


Weekend fun.

A week ago today my parents left after a stellar weekend in the Pioneer Valley. I wanted to make the visit really special for them, so chose one place each that fit what they loved. We ended up at Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory for mom and the Springfield Armory museum for dad. I cherished every single moment with each of them and seeing their faces light up when they were enjoying each place made all the days I miss them so terribly worth it.

This will be all photos (and some narrative, because how do I miss the chance to tell you how TERRIFIED I was in butterfly sanctuary?)! I took a ton, EVEN in the butterfly place where I was seriously ducking and diving every two seconds and kept my hands in fists at my sides to avoid slapping flying things out of my face – it turns out it’s not just birds that wig me out, but flying things in general. Even if they are super pretty.

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