No plans, man.

When I go home I scramble to see as many people as I can….and then sometimes I say screw it, and pretend I’m not even coming home at all.

I did that this past weekend and spent the bulk of my time with my parents, mom in particular.  We went to Hillside Farms (which she somehow has never been to!!!), Braces Orchard and Dymond’s Farm. We bought apple cider donuts at Brace’s, perused pumpkins at Dymond’s, and spent a lot of time dawdling around Hillside, where a goat peed right when I was trying to take its picture, sheep ate of my hand, and mom finally found a little slice of Western Mass life in her own back yard.

She always laments the fact that we have so much at our fingertips out here: locally grown fruits and veggies, locally made drinks and food. It turns out that Hillside carries such things, and I walked away with a nice big mason jar of kombucha, mom with a sense of where to go for finely crafted cheeses, garlic, and snacks.

Photos after the cut!

peacockSkittles the peacock! I have a bird aversion…but maybe not to this one.

alpaca closeLook at this alpaca. Just look at it. Nicer hair than me.

goatHe stood there with his head in the fence for some reason…until I brought food over.

blue eye alpaca This is the other alpaca – now look at this one. NICER EYES THAN ME.

another goatTheir friend is the one who peed while I was trying to take a picture. How rude.

horseHorse eatin’ some hay.

pigHe looked prickly up close, almost like a porcupine.

mohawk duckTHIS DUCK HAD A MOHAWK. A red one. 

greenhouseGreenhouse on the grounds no longer in use – beautiful ruins.

me and momSelfie break with my gorgeous mom!

tons of gordsThis is, like, a great desktop background, no?

sunflowerSome summer, right on the cusp of fall.

tall flowers orange flowersGorgeous, random flowers.

There is a tradition when it comes to Hillside, and it’s the only reason I really wanted to go in the first place – their chocolate milk, in PLASTIC BEAR BOTTLES. I bought one for everyone, natch.

choc teddy bears

That night I did let Joanne know we were around, so she and her fiance Tom came over to have some of mom’s chicken parm, and they brought us dessert. Blue Ribbon (another local place that serves amazing ice cream) Pumpkin Cheesecake and Pumpkin Chocolate Chip ice cream. And if THAT doesn’t sound good enough, they brought a homemade waffle cone for everyone. It was massive. It was scrumptious. I obviously did half Cheesecake/half Chocolate Chip in my cone, because WHY WOULDN’T YOU?

Waffle cone

And then we lit a warm, calming fire and sat around it. We pulled up a lounge chair and the dogs fell asleep on it together.

And then Dad let me put it out by throwing a bucket of water on it. SO MUCH FUN.

fire pit fire out


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