A win, and a loss.

I absolutely love when people visit us. I’m so in love with where we live that I cannot wait to show it off. Amherst, Northampton, Hadley, Holyoke, Springfield, whatever. All of it.

I was really excited, then, when my cousin decided to come visit me with her little girl. I met them down by the Dickinson house after they took a tour (and after I ran 6 miles with Sally!), and we had lunch at Judie’s, then went to see the goats at Maple Farm, and finally finished up with a trip to Trader Joe’s.

Cutest kid ever? Right here. And she had me cracking up! Right before we took this picture – which was by the goats – one of them made a weird snorting noise and she turned around and said, “Ew! Which one of you farted??”


While we were at lunch, I pulled my wallet out and she saw my license and said, “Is that you?” and I told her yes, why, did it not look like me? And do you know what she answered?

“No. It looks like Demi Lovato.”


I had a fantastic time, and I hope they come back soon. It’s always so cool to hang out with cousins I grew up with, especially when they’re touting around a mini me.

The not so good thing? The aforementioned wallet is now missing. I have no clue where it is. I’ve called all the places we went to yesterday and even the Amherst police, but to no avail. So now I’m canceling all my cards. Ugh.


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