I got stung by a bee last night. And now my foot looks like a hobo trying to hitch a ride on a train.


The little bastard got caught between my flip flop strap and foot when I was walking Link, so in the span of what felt like 18 years but actually lasted probably 20 seconds, I had to kick my shoe off, pull the bee off me and toss is, then yank the stinger out. All poor Link was trying to do was take a shit.

I was stung when I was small, stepped on a bee getting out of my kiddie pool – and I DO NOT recall such blinding pain. Boy was trying to take care of it for me and I was nearly hyperventilating and actually tearing up.

It throbbed all night and kept me up. I put a baking soda/water paste on it, which resulted in the mark being gone – so now I look like an asshole and a liar when I say I got stung.

It’s not swollen or red, but VERY sensitive and has a dull ache. Literally every shoe I have hits that spot, so I padded it with TP and a hanky, hence my hobo chic.

What the hell, you guys. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN. WHY AM I SUCH A BABY.


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