Well, I asked for it.

Going into the half in Brooklyn, I’m to raise $1,200. That’s a pretty daunting amount, but I came up with a genius way to do it while tapping into the personalities of my lovingly teasing friends and letting them make me suffer a bit: for every $10 someone donated, I counted a quarter mile. My promise was to add up all the quarter miles donated from Monday morning to Friday at 5, and run the total mileage.

It started slow. I kept posting the link. And then, well…it got a little crazy. I ended up with nearly $500 and over 11 miles – we don’t even run that in half marathon training! At the advice of more experienced runners, I capped the miles at 10, which was 3 more miles than the total distance I’ve run at once to this point. Then I ran it this morning. And I made it. 🙂


At mile 5, I felt like I wanted to die and couldn’t go on. Then at mile 6, I caught a second wind! I found the end of the bike path and, unfortunately, it was only 4.some miles, so by the time I turned around and got back to the starting point I had a mile where I had to pretty much run in circles, covering previous tracks to make it to 10. Mile 9 is when it started to get annoying, but I made it to 10! I felt such a rush, and so accomplished. It helped knowing I was going to post a screencap of my route and time on MapMyRun to prove I did the mileage – I didn’t want to disappoint! It was also great for me mentally to know that so many people had supported me in this journey, both in the way of donations and words of encouragement. It got me through it.

And then I came home and I slept. Heavy. Like, I was drooling.

A huge part of the motivation came from my shirt, bought for me by Sally and themed to our team, Nacho Fastest Runners. “Run now, tacos later”? Yes, please.



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