Travels well.

At almost three decades old I have had a lot of vacations in my life, and all have been special in their own way. How could a time period when you have no work or actual responsibility to worry about not stick well in your mind?

For some reason, vacations I take with Boy stick VERY well. There are times I still get pangs for Ybor City and Tampa, as during those days we did some of the coolest thing I’ve experienced to date. Our cruise was no different; we went to San Juan, St. Thomas, and Grand Turk, and I will never forget any of it. I’m actually coming off of this vacation DEPRESSED! I just want to be back on the ship and on those islands. We had such a great time exploring and spending quality time together. Can we book our next one yet?

Some trip description to follow, with loads of photos. Cut!

Let’s hear it for New York

We left out of NYC on a rainy day, weather that would stick the next day as well and be accompanied by rough seas. Despite that, it was a nice send off as we watched the Manhattan skyline go by and explored the ship.




I Juan-a go back. (See what I did there?)

San Juan – or more specifically, Old San Juan – was our first sighting of land after nearly three days at sea. Being greeted by historic military lookouts and dots of green, pink, and blue buildings was a great welcome back to land.


We walked the narrow streets, marveling at how tiny they were; most of the cars were banged up on one side. We saw a garbage truck drive down a street with two wheels on the actual street and two wheels on the sidewalk. As we walked up the hills, balconies above us adorned with wooden windows were wrought with plants and hanging laundry, and people threw their shutters open for fresh air.


Coming upon the hill for the Castillo San Felipe del Morro, my breath was taken away. Among the rolling green, hundreds of kites were being flown. To our left was what appeared to be a grave site, with all the tombs above ground.

20150718_164527 20150718_164843 20150718_16492520150718_165516 20150718_165847 20150718_165904 20150718_165925 20150718_170036 20150718_170044 20150718_170148

We walked back into town and passed a building that reminded me of Ybor City, as well as a cool statue and El Totem Telúrico, a giant pillar made of granite with pieces of jagged ceramic sticking out. It’s meant to represent the earthen origins of the people of the Americas, built in 1992 to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Columbus’ discovery of the New World. And that’s something I found out only through Google, as every plaque by the Totem is in Spanish.

20150718_170741 20150718_170829 20150718_170908 20150718_171104

We had a Medalla (what Boy and friends referred to as “liquid gold” the last time they were all in Puerto Rico) at a corner bar where the doors/windows ran from floor to ceiling, all open as a warm breeze circulated through.

20150718_171709 20150718_172733 20150718_172804

We then went on a hunt for mofungo, and after Google lead us to the “best place” for it and a 40 minute wait, we traipsed back down the main street and found a quiet, small place where only two tables were occupied and had an absolutely incredible meal.

Mofongo is a fried plantain-based dish, formed into a little circular cake that’s hollow and can be filled with a variety of things. It’s also served with what I take to be some sort of red sauce, and a variety of fillings: chicken, crab, vegetables, shrimp, or beef. I chose to go crab with mine and holy hell, it was delicious! Not at all what I expected, and I loved it.

Our waiter also talked us into (um, ok so not really a hard thing to do) a slice of three milk cake, or tres leches cake. They literally pulled this cake out of an aluminum pan in the fridge; like, I get the feeling someone’s mom made it and just brought it in to be served.

20150718_183008 20150718_183226 20150718_184611 (1)

Before getting on the boat we checked out Senor Frogs. Before Boy and I were even dating I remember him telling me stories about this place from when he went on his cruise. All I wanted was a yard glass and a balloon hat – and I walked out with neither. In fact, what I DID walk out with was a headache and the realization that we are so very out of that scene. And I’m not even mad about it.

20150718_191149 20150718_192800 20150718_191139


The next day we arrived at St. Thomas and that was my favorite day of the trip, without any doubt. Boy had already been there and knew that we were going to go to Magens Bay as soon as we debarked, and just stay there all day – and we very much did that.

We woke up already pulled in to St. Thomas, so we quickly grabbed some breakfast and sat in the open air on a top deck to eat. The view was stunning. It was so reminiscent of Greece to me, with the homes set into the surrounding hills. The water was a beautiful hue and the whole island had such a calm feeling to it.

20150719_073022 20150719_073026

The drive to Magens Bay was up steep hills, and on the opposite side of the road! We shared a cab with a family and made it to the Bay in no time, greeted by only a handful of people enjoying it. It was quiet for the majority of the time we were there, until the Carnival excursion showed up, but by then I was drunk at the beach bar, so I didn’t much give a shit.

Surrounded by more homes in the hills, we floated in crystal clear water, laughing at the little silver fish that nipped at our feet, marveling at vast ocean that lay just beyond our line of sight at the opening of the bay. We rented snorkel gear and for the first time I snorkeled, totally freaked out for the first five minutes before sinking in to the calming rhythm of hearing my own breath and seeing gorgeous, graceful creatures underwater. For about two hours as a pair we explored the rocks at both sides of the bay. I never thought of it as such, but snorkeling like that is a bonding experience. We were dead silent, but counting on each other to spot things, alerting one another with finger snaps and light touches, both entranced by everything we saw. Every time we came up for air we talked about it excitedly before diving back in. Next to our ghost tour at Ybor city, snorkeling in Magens Bay will go down as a top experience in our relationship to me.

20150719_080859 20150719_080901 20150719_080903 20150719_082413 20150719_082446-1 20150719_085051 20150719_095552

When we were done we sat at the beach bar where they were veryyyyy heavy-handed with the drinks! Let’s just say I don’t remember the cab ride home. And I think I may have eaten pizza when I got back on the boat but…I can’t be sure.

20150719_095202 20150719_114527 20150719_123626

Grand Turk was ok. It was a line of blue beach chairs in the most gorgeous water I’d seen yet, though that water had a heavy line of seaweed running through it that was a little gross to wade through. We laid out, went to the world’s largest Margaritavile, and walked around a little before discovering what I’m about to consider a pro-tip for you: when everyone goes left getting off the boat, go right.

20150720_124321 20150720_131546 20150720_131613 20150720_131823 20150720_133221 20150720_133643 20150720_13561820150720_142807 20150720_142947 20150720_144714

The right side of the beach had virtually no one on it because it was full of rocks, so though it isn’t a good place to lay about it is a good place to explore. We came away with three big, gorgeous shells to take home, and Boy even ventured onto an outcrop of rock to get a better look at the ocean.

20150720_154351 20150720_154912 20150720_160153 20150720_160309

The boat itself, the Carnival Splendor, was really nice, though there were way too many kids on it for our taste. We ran on the outdoor track a couple times, played basketball and mini golf, watched The Avengers: Age of Ultron in the “dive-in” theater on the main Lido deck while eating popcorn and sipping frozen drinks, and were so appreciative of both the staff and cruise director, Malcolm, who made the trip very pleasant. We also watched the end-of-trip Carnival Legends show, where guests take on the role of famed musicians to perform. We hit up two karaoke shows and a couple comedy shows, discovered way too late that the Indian buffet at the back of the boat was the best place to eat, and fell in love with the piano bar. I heard Boy sing for the first time in not only our near 4-year relationship, but 10-year friendship.

We made friends with our dinnermates, a newly married couple from Texas, and also a couple from Ohio we met at brunch one morning and then went to tea time with (mainly for the macarons on my part, which I have to say were pretty bad). We ate ox tongue, escargot, Fruit Loop-encrusted French toast, the best tomato soup I’ve ever come across, and the best steak Boy has ever had. We drank frozen drinks out of plastic cups shaped like fish and relaxed in a hot tub.

We had a vacation. We had a fantastic, week-long vacation that we were both so sad to leave, but one that left us hyped for future ventures together.

20150716_055555 20150716_055617 20150716_055631Some pictures of the “dive-in” theater, on the main Lido deck, which had a retractable roof.

20150716_055726 20150716_055729 20150716_112715 20150716_12190620150716_123045 20150716_210141The Comedy Club, presented by George Lopez. Honestly, the adult shows were side splitters. 20150717_151144Tea time!

20150717_161731The Serenity Spa, the adults-only section of the ship. Yea, we spent a lot of time there. 

20150721_203709 20150722_174231 20150722_212414Matt, the piano bar singer who hailed from Argentina and whose first language was Spanish, who played all the songs without sheet music, and only went off an iPad with Spanish lyrics the whole time

20150722_231222 The end of the Carnival Legends show, where everyone was dressed as a legend

20150722_122045Our first formal dinner night

Every night after dinner we knew they had been in our room – and left behind a towel animal. Every night we guessed what it would be, and every night we were wrong – until that glorious monkey showed up. In truth, we waited all week for it.

20150721_191613 20150720_191028 20150719_225004 20150718_203317 20150717_181513 20150716_194739 20150715_205650


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