Five – still alive.

Because of this training program, Saturdays are long run days. Last weekend I missed my first shot at 5 miles because I ran the 5K (which is only 3), so I tackled my first 5 yesterday – AND KILLED IT. Honestly, things are going so well with this training that I’m waiting for that really shitty run day – but that day was not yesterday.

I drove to the bike trail that’s two minutes away from the house because I’ve been getting sick of running loops around our neighborhood. The one long road that I do run is riddled with hills and I felt like hitting some flat ground, so to the trail I went. I ran 2.5 miles and turned around and just straight murdered it.

I also walked away from it with the feeling of triumph and that “runner’s high” I thought I’d only ever hear about in conversation with friends.

I also slept until 10 today because I am EXHAUSTED. My muscles are sore, though I stretched both before and after running.

Any tips from you runners out there on pre- and post-run things to do to help ease the muscle pain?



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