Flying solo…with sangria.

Boy left for a work trip to Arizona yesterday, and considering the fact that I did such a bang-up job on my 5K I decided to use the day to treat myself a bit.

I ventured to Montague in search of the Book Mill, a used bookstore housed in an 1842 gristmill and alongside the Sawmill River. It felt astoundingly like someone’s home, a cozy two-level building filled with books that covered every subject imaginable. The windows were open since the day was so gorgeous, and I took advantage of it to sit in one overlooking the rushing river.

1434213199805 1434213343182 1434213356790 (1) 1434214267403

I bought Buddha or Bust and settled in to a deck table at the Alvah Stone, where sangria and a pretzel with pimento cheese were on the menu for me. That sangria? SO strong. Also filled with apples, which I love. Also, not a good idea after draining myself dry via 5K.

1434215683841 1434216101463 1434217338297And as if that wasn’t enough, dessert from Atkins Farm! A donut. Topped with LUCKY CHARMS MARSHMALLOWS.

Snapchat--5460326178492084762Aaaaand 5K cheat day, complete!




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