I’m just PRing all over the place!

In addition to the half marathon, I signed up for the Six Flags Roller Coaster Race 10K in September and told myself I’d do at LEAST one 5K this summer – which I did this morning.

Two years ago I ran a 5K and clocked in at 31:28. Today? 28:06. HELL YES.

I ran the Champions of Chicopee and I think it helped that I’ve never been in Chicopee so I had a lot of scenery to look at as I ran, a great distraction. A block away from the finish line I had the sense that the end was near, so I started sprinting and rounded the corner to see a big 27 flashing on the race clock, which made me run even harder. I felt like I was front of the pack for a lot of the race (I weaved around a bunch of runners in the start and had three people pass me, but I also passed two myself), so I was interested to see where I landed in the rankings. It turns out I was 20th out of 93 people, with a pace of 9:05. UNBELIEVABLE.

The night before I bought a tank top that says “Brooklyn” on it in honor of the half, and I’m officially making it my race day shirt, for any race leading up to the half.


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