This…is a first.

I really, really like to run. This is astounding because prior to this revelation running was a form of actual torture for me.

This came about because I’ve signed up for the Brooklyn Rock n Roll half marathon in October, done at the urging of Sally (new co-worker and friend!) who is running it for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, a charity she’s been involved with for a while, being a Leukemia survivor herself.

I’ve been on the fitness train the past two years, it’s true, but I’ve started to get very serious, so when we were all chatting at lunch one day I brought up the fact that I’ve been running some more, hence the asking to fund-raise and participate. Since agreeing I started Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon Training program and yesterday was my first big run – a 4-miler. Prior to this I’d only done a 5K two years ago.

Well, after two miles I found myself in a groove and I just didn’t want to stop running – so I didn’t, not for 3.2 miles. Before that I had gone only 2.25 miles straight without walking. I was SO STOKED! And then I finished the 4 miles and was elated. I felt confident and like I could run anything, like this half marathon was actually attainable and not just a pipe dream.

I’m ready, October. I’m comin’ for ya.



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