Living with death: Part 2.

As you may recall, when we first moved in a year ago we had an incident in which some birds decided to nest and lay eggs in our air conditioning slip. Though I was kind (especially considering how much I loathe winged things) and let the egg-laden nest stay when our maintenance guy uncovered it, it ended up biting me in the ass because some weeks after a swarm of mites cropped up in said nest and infiltrated our apartment.

We heard the birds hatch, grow, and fly away and I’d felt I’d done enough kindness towards the species to last me the rest of my life – so when those suckers started popping back up on the side of our just-installed AC unit, I had no qualms about letting them know they HAD TO GO.

For the past three mornings I’ve been hearing the skittering and fluttering of wings and could see shadows through the white duct tape that rims the part of the AC slip where the AC itself doesn’t expand to. I would bang on the AC and they’d fly away…only to come back again minutes later.

This morning, Boy came to me with a brilliant idea to keep them out, one he remembered thanks to his grandfather’s genius. After a brief shopping trip to the Dollar Store, we were ready for war.

Today we took the tape off the side of the AC the birds were favoring and, lo and behold, there were the makings of a nest. No eggs yet, but the telltale dent of a place to lay them was there, so we quickly swiped all the leaves, branches and other foliage into a garbage bag. Then came the singular object of attack.

I can’t even believe this.

20150530_192611Yea. A rubber friggin’ snake.

AND IT WORKED. Not a half hour later we heard a shrill chirping sound and looked at the tree outside our window to find our bird friend perched there next to another, fluffed up, pissed off, and scared as hell.

They haven’t been back since.


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