Did you ever have the feeling…

…that everything just somehow fell right into place where it was supposed to, and without you even realizing it?

That’s precisely how I’ve felt since mid May. After jumping from job to job and never feeling like I quite fit, I miraculously stumbled upon an agency here in Western Mass that works with culinary talent in doing literary agenting, media training, consulting, and spokesperson work, among many other things (and also sometimes with non-culinary types, though culinary topics are the main focus). I’m the newest literay and marketing associate, so I’ll be helping to hone cookbook and culinary non-fiction proposals, writing pitch letters for said books, sending them off to editors for consideration, doing social media, pitching consultation and media training to potential clients, and just a bevy of other things – it’s a world that fuses literature and food, my two absolute favorites. There are several times during each work day that I stop to ask myself how in the world I became so fortunate.

The office is also in a re-done barn, the company run by a woman who I’m already learning bucket-loads from, with her daughter as a literary agent who is just so cool to talk to, as are the other three girls who work there (one whose place I’m taking and who has been training me and another who was hired the same time as me as a part-time employee who will do more administration work). It’s an environment that I just fit so seamlessly into.

I look forward to waking up every morning and going. I look forward to the challenge each day brings and I look forward to starting the path of a career I never even considered until now! When Sally (the literary agent) tells me about things she does, meetings she has, people she works with, I get so excited and think of those tales as something to shoot for.

Life is so very good. It feels like things have flipped around completely in the last couple of days, and I could not be happier.


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