Sweet Sunday morning.

There is a bike trail by our house that stretches through three towns. Ever since I got Suzy (yes, I named my cruiser), I’ve been dying to ride it. Yesterday morning after two hours and 11 miles, I can say I accomplished that goal.

And today, I can also say it feels like someone took a baseball bat to my ass and thighs. Not only does my body hurt from biking, but also from the deadlifts, lunges and squats I did during my Saturday morning workout. POOR LEG DAY TIMING.

The trail was charming, as is pretty much every part of the Pioneer Valley to me. I just love how biking is such a huge part of the culture here. I think every Sunday morning I’ll get up to do this – except next time I’ll pack snacks and a book!

For you, some sights!


Where I stopped, after riding almost an hour into Northampton.


The bridge right next to aforementioned sign that runs over the Connecticut River and parallel to Route 9.


The bridge!


The entrance to the underpass going into Amherst that takes bikers under Route 9.


Pretty lil poem in Amherst.
Snapchat--8656354152567691444This adorable gate is housed in the back of The Quarters, an awesome bar in Hadley with classic arcade games and insanely good mini hot dogs called “pups.”



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