Feelin’ fine…

…at 29! A couple days ago I took one step closer to 30 and it didn’t freak me out nearly as much as I thought it would. I did, however, for the first time in my life think to myself, “Huh, you will never be in your twenties again after this year,” which scared me a little. But I think 29 and beyond is going to be just wonderful, so my worries don’t run too deep.

Also? Got an amazing birthday present from Boy: a bike! A lime green and white Panama Jack cruiser. I’ve been saying since we moved here that I want a bike to ride to farmers markets and such, and here it is! She’s gorgeous and has a water bottle holder, front basket affixed with leather strips, rear rack to hold goodies and even a bottle opener on the side! Riding it makes me feel so free, and young, and just all-around great.

Also, it’s really frickin’ hard to ride up hills because it’s a one-speed. Strong legs, here I come!


Snapchat--1933297124023956433 Snapchat--7626530883506050995

631 634 636


I’ve also begun an experiment where I take a picture every day, for this whole year of being 29. I just want to see what changes. YOU, however, will not see that until the end. 🙂


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