Oh, hoppy day!

I haven’t been home since Christmas, so to say I was excited to go back for Easter weekend is a severe understatement. I felt like I did the night before the sixth grade field trip to an amusement park. I was jittery in bed, restless, willing the minutes away.

Then the time to go home came.

And the weekend simply went.

I hate how quickly the time flies in such situations. I feel like I hit the ground running once we got in and didn’t stop until we left, yet I spent no time with people!

I did spend three hours in a salon chair with this AMAZING hair cut and color as a result:


A redhead, AND with bangs. BOOM.

I spent the most time with not only my parents but also my twin cousins, who I have missed so so very much. They’ll be turning 17 soon (a week after me, actually) and I just can’t even believe it. I keep telling Emily she reminds me of Taylor Swift but she is just noootttt having it.

I asked them for a picture with each for the holiday and you will see the stark contrast – and how each photograph is so very fitting of who they are as individuals.

20150405_121436 20150405_121257


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