It’s quite the number – at least it is for me, a Stephen King fan. This particular numeric pairing appears quite a bit in his works – most notably in “The Dark Tower” series – and holds some mystical power.

A power that I hope is transferred to me and the next 19 weeks of my life. At the end of said 19 weeks, I’ll be embarking on a cruise – and I plan on being in the best shape of my life for it.

I’m absolutely no stranger to exercise. After the Crossfit box in the Pioneer Valley didn’t quite work out, I’ve been dedicated to programming myself and using the free gym in our apartment complex as a means to get things done. It’s been working like a charm, but I still have one problem: I need to keep my eating in check.

I’ve been utilizing My Fitness Pal, which is great for calorie counting and looking at wha percentage of my deitary intake goes to fat, protein and carbs. Yet, it doesn’t curb my chocolate cravings. Even though I log it, it doesn’t stop me from shoving a large fry from McDonald’s into my mouth.

It’s going to be hard, but I need to focus on consuming more veggies, the same amount of fruit, less things like pasta and rice, and DEFINITELY more protein. I’ve been very strange when it comes to meats lately; I can cook a whole meal and then not eat it because the smell alone makes me gag. I’ve decided that instead of frustrating myself I’m becoming an unintentional vegetarian. My protein is now coming in the form of tofu and quinoa, and the occasional whey shake.

Cross your fingers, folks. These next 19 weeks are going to be long and arduous. Join me in the misery.


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