Forgive me, Blog World, for I have sinned…

… and it’s totally because I started a new job! I promise I’ll be back on track soon, and giving you more than football apps. Especially because Boy will be gone away for two weeks for work, so I plan on getting crazy in the kitchen as much as possible!

As far as the new gig – I’m writing product copy, press releases and handling social media marketing for a furniture company. It’s incredible. My office is huge (and very bare!), the people are so nice, and it’s just a breath of fresh air.

My body is currently one big sore muscle from Crossfit (so many tuck crunches) and yesterday was the first day I felt like I was truly back at it 100%. Hang power cleans will do that to a lady.

This weekend brought such a beautiful and hilarious wedding with people who started out as strangers and are now such fun friends! Plus, Boy jacked a plastic maraca from the photo booth, set it down on the table in front of me with a kiss to the head and said, “This is your blue French horn.”


I love everything right now.


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