Oh. Ow.

Finished up the last of three on-ramp classes at my new box today. Totally surprised by ending the whole thing with FRAN. A revised version, but, holy shit. If there was anything out there that showed me how off I am and how far I need to go to catch up, it was today.

Instead of the usual 21-15-9 of 55lb thrusters and banded pull-ups that I would have done for Fran 6 months ago, I laid into 15-10-5 of 35lb thrusters and ring rows. I did it in 5:11. I did it and all these memories of the mental push needed to get through a WOD came back. I did it and my form felt awful half the time because I was worrying about time, and I need to learn to stop that.

But I did it.

Everything. Is. On. Fire.


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