A long time ago, in a Pennsylvania far, far away….

..this was a blog dedicated to CrossFit. It was my foray into a new lifestyle, one that handed my ass to me day in, day out, yet I came back for more because I was so in love with it.

I remained on that track for 9 good months, before Boy and I moved to New England and financial situation + the stress of moving + a number of other factors put an end to it. I found myself back on the treadmill at our apartment complex’s gym, hammering away with headphones on, completely bored – but still staying healthy. My eating slipped some, but I maintained as much as I could, especially because this blog was then re-purposed to be one dedicated to my time in the kitchen.

While that is still – and will always be – the main focus, I must tell you: CrossFit is back.

I went back tonight after a nearly 6-month hiatus, taking my first of 3 on-ramp classes, which the box requires no matter your CrossFit experience. I went into it as a total beginner – different box, different coaches, so a different experience.

CrossFit, dear friends, is NOT like riding a bike.

While my experience overall was A++ and had me super stoked to go back for more, I must admit that my body was entirely out of tune.

Through my previous CrossFit experience I very much learned the ways of which I worked – I know when something is off internally, I understand how muscles are being used, why they hurt, how to warm them up properly before a workout. I also fell completely out of line with all of that, having dwindled my workouts to mere running, and it absolutely showed tonight. Only three hours after ending my on-ramp, I am sore as shit, mainly in my hamstrings and thighs, as the bulk of what we went over today was hip stretches, squatting, deadlifting and back squatting. There were also push and pull ups, which I am still quite a beginner at.

I am more than excited to be back on track! I can’t wait to start lifting again, and WODing until I feel like I want to die.

Seriously. It’s a good feeling, I promise.


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