Fail whale.

There are so many times I show you my triumphs, it seems only fair I show you my big, fat failures.

While at the market the other day I stumbled across a dragon fruit, a downright gorgeous piece of food that has the texture and look of a kiwi and the crisp, water-like taste of a cucumber.

photo 1

 I was simply dying to put it to the test in the kitchen and all that kept popping up in my search were dessert recipes, so a dragon fruit cheesecake it  was. The recipe can be found here and is, I’m sure, quite delicious…if you do it right.

I think I converted those grams incorrectly, and at the time we had no air conditioner big enough to handle our large living space so it was hot as hell, causing my mixture to go south. I give you first what it should look like, followed by something that I swear tasted great, despite the fact it looks like bloody vomit.

right cake

photo 2





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