Well, shit.

I don’t even know how to put the past month into words. It began as a hellishly mad rush to get oodles of work done in advance in order to go on a 10-day vacation and it ended….well, I don’t even know if it’s really ended yet. Because I feel like my head hasn’t stopped spinning, though it’s slowed down quite a bit.

Vacation in Florida was incredible, as you saw from my various posts. I want to get into that ghost hunt more, but I thought I first owed an explanation for my absence.

After vacation it was a rush to get caught up in time for the holiday. During said rush, I was asked to come in to company in Mass I had submitted a resume to to see if I were the right fit for the job. It was a rigorous process that was daunting because it’s not in my normal vein of work, and so I was both on edge and energized by it all at once.

Then we went home for the holiday and I came back from what felt like ANOTHER vacation and had to play catch-up. And then we got a new dog, a 13-week-old Italian greyhound named Piper and I swear to god (and not to offend any actual human mothers out there) it’s like we had a kid. It further confirms in my mind that NO, I will not be having a live human being child any time in my life because I simply could not handle it. Having a puppy is insanely unlike having a child in many ways, but I also think you can draw similarities. Bottom line: Kids are absolutely tougher; this dog is tough enough for me.

So then, in the midst of being nipped at and Link being humped mercilessly, I found out that I was, in fact, right for aforementioned job – I received an offer to work full-time at a web design company 15 minutes from home, doing front desk work that involves everything from grabbing someone a soda to copy editing the company newsletter to handling accounts and learning web-based things and cleaning the dishes in the break room. My job is to pretty much make things run smoothly, nail down all the details and keep a happy office environment. (I feel this is not unlike what I do with everything in my everyday life.) It will be tough until I get familiarized with the inner workings of the company and employees, but I welcome it. I can see that every single day will be something different and bring a new challenge, and that is EXACTLY what I have been needing in my career. Plus, I’m still going to be writing for two pubs out here in Mass and continuing to work with my full-time job for the past four years at the Weekender as a correspondent, so not all writing will be lost.

So let’s just say emotions were running high – I was leaving my writing career (in a way) to start something totally unfamiliar. I was elated and nervous all at once, and also very tired and frustrated from house training a new dog, yet also feeling very blessed and loved due to support from family and friends and being able to see how Boy and I have grown as a couple throughout the past nearly three years. This dog has been testing us, and so far we have been passing with flying colors. I think it says something when we can look at each other and smile and laugh and say “I love you,” despite the fact that it’s 2 a.m. and our puppy just shit a pile bigger than its own body in the kitchen and then subsequently stepped in it and ran around for a little while.

You’d think that’s it, right? Well, no. As soon as I found out I landed a new gig and was sussing out how to tell my editor – who is also my friend – that I had to leave, he called me first with terrible news: He was fired.

Apparently, there’s been a restructuring at our company and he, along with two other long-time employees (one of which is my former and first editor ever), were also let go. And guess who is picking up the pieces for the time being with the Weekender?

I feel like someone died. I’m still not entirely sure this is all real. I won’t say too much about the company because I’m not one to bash, but I’m a little worried; at least when it comes to the Weekender. The W has a brand of its own, and it’s in danger of fading away into a cookie cutter mold and becoming much like other publications in the company. It stood 20 years strong as an alternative arts and entertainment pub and now…well, I don’t know. Maybe this new system will work, maybe the new editor will have the foresight to deal with sub-brands accordingly and still let it shine, and my words will be egg on my face.

I might still be silent for a little while as things simmer. But I am not gone, oh no. The stories are only going to get better. A growing dog who barely has control of his gangly legs, new co-workers whose idiosyncracies I already see coming to light, and a total life overhaul – let the adventure begin.



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