I grew up a Yankee fan. It’s really just a family thing; I don’t follow the team insanely close.

I was at the stadium for a game to kick off my summer last year, and I own quite a bit of Yankee apparel – or, should I say, owned.

Boy is a Red Sox fan. This has never been a problem in our relationship because, as I said, I’m not a diehard. So when we moved here I figured I might as well shirk all the Yankee gear – little did I know my mother was ready to load me up with some Sox stuff.

Which is a great thing, because on Tuesday night we traveled to Fenway Park to watch the BoSox play the Tampa Bay Rays – and it was awesome.

Even though I, of course, feigned disgust at having to dress the part to my family and friends.


I even threw on the knee high BACON socks my parents got me for my birthday since they’re red with white stripes on top, and made them peek out of my boots. (And I swear to god, I didn’t think of it until some guy at the stadium pointed it out to me but, yes, I was wearing RED. SOCKS.)

Yankee stadium, though a great visit, was a totally different vibe. A concrete behemoth, cold grey dotted by blinding lights. It just all seemed so new, so sterile.

So $12 for a beer, the list of which was 50 long and some quite foreign.

Fenway, however, seemed homey. It’s old, I know, and I’ve been told the smallest ball park in the league, and I really enjoy that fact. The faded green is charming, the MONSTAH is amazing to behold in person, the Fenway Franks are to die for (as is the hot chocolate) and it just feels so welcoming.

Not to mention Yawkey Way, a street of foot traffic only that runs right outside the stadium. We got there a mere 15 minutes before the first pitch so we didn’t have much time to walk about, but in that five minutes I did spend on Yawkey I could tell what a blast it would be on the occasion we got to hang there for a good bit of time.


It’s pretty much a party street! Food, music, face painting, this guy….


Our seats were center field bleachers, right under the big John Hancock sign. In any other stadium I feel like these seats would seem miles from the action – not at Fenway.

0429141905We were in a section full of college kids with very heavy Boston accents. One girl behind us kept yelling, “PEDROIA THE DESTROYAAA!” I could Not. Stop. Laughing.

Also – and this actually started because I watched Boston play all of the World Series – I really like the team. They’ve got character, they’re rugged ball players. So I suppose I’m a flip flopper. I can hear your boos from here.

The experience as a whole certainly put a smile on my face, especially since it was Boy’s first time at Fenway. The worst part, however, was the cold – I am so surprised I still have toes.



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