Hitting the hundo.

The first time I went over 100 lbs on a deadlift I was ECSTATIC. It was triple digits, god dammit!

I have slowly been working my way up in weight (the typical 35 lbs for WODs is now 55, sometimes 65), so when I saw the opportunity to PR on a power clean the other day, I knew I had to. Next to the deadlift, that’s the one thing I can roll heavy with, as evidenced by my 95 lb clean during the competition in December.

Last week we did a WOD in which we had 8 minutes to find a one rep max clean (power, hanging, whatever you felt comfortable with), a 2 minute rest period, and then 8 minutes to complete a 15-12-9 rep scheme of front squats and toes to bar.

I started at 65 with the clean, because that’s comfy for me. Then I just kept going. And going. I got apprehensive around 90, but cleared it. Then I cleared 95. And then I looked at Kyle and said, “I need to do 100. That’s  PR for me.” His response was one I expected: “Get it, girl!”

So he stood there, told me to “rip that fucker right off the ground,” and, lo and behold I DID.

It wasn’t pretty, I’m sure, as I felt my right foot roll and slip a little on the catch, but dammit, I STUCK IT!!! I felt so, so very strong. If  I didn’t have a mere 30 seconds left in that 8 minute window I would’ve went for the 105. Maybe next time!

I made yet another breakthrough the next day, with an assist from Kyle again – this time in double unders. It was a 200 buy-in, but they said if you can’t do consistent doubles to set a goal of doubles to do, or do 400 singles.

Well, I wanted to do SOME doubles, so I set a goal of 100. I made it to 65 by the 5-minute mark they wanted us to be done jumping rope at (the rest was kb swings and dips), but I made QUITE a bit of progress!

Kyle told me I was jumping way too high, lifting my knees up, and should keep my toes pointed outward, and feet closer to the ground. He also told me to whip the handles in a strict forward motion.

Well, I got SEVEN DUs in a row! That might not seem like a ton, but it’s better than the 2 I’ve been doing since I started WODing!

And it felt totally different, and awesome. I can’t wait to do DUs again!


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