Where do I even start!? I’ve had so many CrossFit victories and outfit wins that I don’t even know!

Well, let’s start with the fashion side of things. I realized that I am becoming REALLY girly. Sounds stupid for a near-28-year-old, eh? You’d think I’d have this shit figured out by now.

To start, I treated myself to a new accessory when I got my tax money back, thanks very much to a new app I use called Threadflip, where designer clothes and accessories are sold for cheeeaaappp. And so I purchased a bag I’ve had my eye on for QUITE some time: A Kate Spade Call to Action tote. OBSESSED.

tequilaI never ever splurge on myself (a journalistic career simply won’t allow it), so I felt only a SLIGHT tinge of guilt purchasing this. But, my god, is it awesome. I’ve been carrying it around for about a week now, with a sense of pride!

Yesterday morning I spent an hour just dicking around with my hair and make-up. I got this tool, the Curl Easy Pro Brush, for Christmas. I read on Pinterest that it was hugely helpful in accomplishing victory rolls and I can attest that is 100 percent correct. I couldn’t pull off any type of roll to save my life prior to this little plastic gadget. Sure, they aren’t perfectly polished yet, but this was my first real attempt, and I don’t think it’s half bad!

I also went ahead and tried out some new red lipstick I purchased (I’m usually a pink girl). My lips are lined with Sephora Real Red liner and filled in with a Sephora cream lip stain in red. I love the matte look.

photo 1 photo 2AND FINALLY – I have whipped out some bangin’ outfits. Yes, this post is all me being really god damn narcissistic, but I don’t care.  Sometimes, a lady needs that.

Some fun work outfits:

photo 1 (1)


Vintage cameo pin strung on a sterling silver chain for a necklace, a long sleeved shirt from Express, and a grey pencil skirt I got at a two-for-$30 sale at JCPenney, plus some ankle-strap shoes that’ve been in my closet for 2 (1)

Another vintage necklace, this one was my gram’s, a beige layered one that I believe is plastic – belt from another dress, teal dress from Express, black leggings, and Nine West beige pumps with black toe caps.

photo 3

Red belt, black peplum dress, red Jessica Simpson pumps and adorable heart-patterned stockings from Deb (hopefully you can see the hearts! Sorry my mirror is so dirty.)

And my Valentine’s dinner outfit! Same grey skirt as above, black peplum shirt, plain black pumps, and a pearl necklace from Deb.

photo 3 (1)

Ok, I think I’m done for now. Because now I am obsessed with make-up subreddits on Reddit, and I need to go scratch that itch.

And I have been pulling off all this girl shiz while PRing on power cleans and finally nailing good double under form – but that, my friends, will be saved for the next time.


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