I’m a Barbie girl.

It’s as though my closet has been turned into Barbie’s.

Nay, let’s go with Cher’s from “Clueless,” minus the technological shit.

You see, I went shopping this weekend with the plethora of gift cards I received for Christmas and ended up redoing a good portion of my wardrobe. And why? Because.

Well, because I’m a fucking size SIX.

I haven’t been a size 6 since FRESHMEN YEAR OF COLLEGE. Here I am, tromping into the dressing room with a bunch of size 8 and 10 pants but, lo and behold, they were all huge.

SO I WENT AND BOUGHT EVERY COLOR I COULD FIND. And then some skirts, and some tops and, good lord, I look like an ADULT now. Like a real live working woman! Look at this shit! I even color-coded it!

closetDo you know how awesome it was to be able to say I’m back down to being THAT small again? I called my mom, and then I called my dad, and then I texted Boy about it. So good. Don’t even be remotely surprised if I start posting outfits of the day on here. Look, gratuitous “This is what I wore today” shot:

0113142252ANYWAY. Sorry. Got off on a thing there.

The weight loss obviously has a bit to do with CrossFit, but also with the way I’m eating. I’ve been doing pretty well lately eating as Paleo as I can (minus some cheese and the occasional glass of wine), and I fully feel that is making all the difference. Look at this sexy lunch I packed for myself today. (Yes, it’s in a bento box, straight from Japan mofos):

0113142232Strawberry, kiwi, hard boiled egg, red pepper, asiago, asparagus, and bacon. Such a delicious meal, especially because lately I’ve been finding I have food aversions I didn’t know I had (mostly meat ones), so it’s been tough for me to nail down things I actually WANT to eat. I’ve been told that once my body adjusts, I won’t even crave bad shit any more. Definitely on my way to that, because I passed McDonald’s for the first time today without having a craving for a cheeseburger (no onion). I mean I just typed that out and didn’t even want one. This. Is. Huge.





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