Baby, it’s cold outside.


Honestly, that’s what it was like today. I was right in the path of this Hercules storm and we got about a half a foot dumped on us, so driving conditions at 5:45 a.m. on the way to the box were way less than ideal. Thankfully, Kelley was all “I’ll drive!” and it worked out well. We even did donuts in the box’s parking lot post-WOD! Kind of. Look, it was a good attempt, ok?

With the start of the new year apparently comes a month of past CrossFit Games Open WODs, and today was no exception – though it was a ludicrous one. Brennan said only ONE person got through one round. He even put AMRAP in quotes on the board, because he said he highly doubted anyone was going to get through it once. And this was him talking to the 6 a.m. class, which is full of insane athletes. I found out that after our class he scaled the burpees to half.

10 min “AMRAP”
60 bar-facing burpees
30 OHS (125/95)
10 Muscle-ups (scaled to 20 military pull-ups)

First of all, bar-facing burpees are fucking MIND BLOWERS because we normally do bar jumping burpees PARALLEL to the bar, not ADJACENT.

Basically, when you’re facing the bar, doing your burpee and then having to jump over it, spin around, and burpee again, you’re traveling way more than you would be if your body was right in line with the bar. It was killer, and dizzying. And when I finally finished my 60 and looked at the clock I saw I had TWO MINUTES AND 50 SECONDS LEFT. Wtf?!

The others in the class weren’t far behind, though. Everyone only made it to somewhere within the overhead squat count. I did 13, at 45 pounds, which I was comfortable with. The problem was that, after all those burpees, my hips were shot and squatting was so hard. Plus we’ve been squatting all week.

At least I’ll have a nice ass to look forward to.


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