No baby!

I knew I was going to fall off this wagon! And of course I’m picking it back up again with the new year. Mostly because I got a fancy iPad for Christmas and it makes me feel SO much more organized. I can log my WODs and my food every day!

A lot has happened since I last typed, but the first thing I’ll fill you in on is this: I competed in my first competition!

Thats right, at barely scraping my six month mark with CrossFit I said screw it, I’m going for it! It was such an incredible experience, too. There’s a bunch of competitions called No Baby Leave the Socks On, and a local box was doing a Christmas-themed one, No Baby Leave the Stockings On. I signed up for scaled, and our WODs were:

1. 10 min AMRAP:
10 overhead squats at 45 pounds
10 burpee over bar

2. 8 minutes to complete the heaviest of the complex:
Power clean
2 front squats

3. 10 min AMRAP:
40 squats
20 kettlebell swings at 26 lbs
10 deadlifts at 105 lbs

We had a Saturday two weeks before the competition were all the women at our box competing ran through each WOD and I had SUCH a hard time with the overhead squats. I was very nervous going into the actual competition, and of course didn’t practice like I should have.

I was almost dead last in scaled, BUT I beat every record I set during the practice run and I didn’t fall over once on an overhead squat!

I learned that day that I am much stronger than I think, and that it is ALL. MENTAL. I had a hard time getting the first two OHS up, and I was facing the crowd (where of course Boy and my parents were), so I turned around to face the back of the gym and BOOM. Nailed them. I also had a woman from the box, Joan, standing there coaching me through it, because she knew how nervous I was. She was amazing. Camaraderie like that is what I love so much about CrossFit.

Also, I was lucky enough to have Brennan coaching me through that complex. During practice I got up to 80 pounds for all of it, except the jerk. So all I wanted was to hit 80. Well I’m warming up with Brennan and he was like “Ok, when the buzzer goes off, grab two 25 lb plates and put them on,” which seemed weird to me because I thought the bar was 35lbs. I said that to him and he said “No, it’s 15 lbs, it just looks different.”

So I said fuck it, threw them on, and moved up two weights in the complex. On my third weight addition I couldn’t get the jerk up, so we called it.

And that’s when Brennan came up to me, pulled me close and said, “I lied to you. That bar was 35 lbs. You just attempted 95 pounds twice and maxed out this WOD at 90.”

I was floored. And also the only one who didn’t know! The group from our box that was standing in front of me cheering, Boy and parents included, all did, and they were going insane when I was lifting. They all knew he had lied to me, and that I PRed on everything. It felt SO GOOD to hear them cheering so loudly for me.

Competing is great. The rush of those last couple seconds….the floor just gets SO LOUD and you hear just a loud hammering in your ears from it, but it feels so good.

It was amazing to be along such strong women all day. Here are some pictures! (Note the nutcracker socks!)

One photo is Joan (in her BoSox Santa hat) going “Holy shit we all knew you were starting with 85 pounds, but you didn’t!”

I’m also slightly obsessed with the way my arm looks in the deadlifting picture. The light musta hit it juuuuust right, ’cause they don’t look like that every day!








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