I am a trooper. (Sometimes I wish of the Storm variety.)

Surgery? Sure. Me slowing down? Um, no.

Friday was the annual zombie cover for the Weekender, so of course we were all super stoked to get our make-up done by a Taney’s Costume Shop in Scranton and shoot in the grimy basement of the building, a set-up that made it look like two survivors were trying to out-run zombies.

I popped a Vicodin, Dad drove me over, and I got to work. What a mistake, because by noon I was almost actually undead, I was hurting and limping around so bad. I ended up sleeping the rest of the day away, which was great. But honestly, how could I have passed up the opportunity to look like this?


SO GOOD. So gross. That open wound is a mixture of toilet paper and putty. Bad ass. And that blood started at my forehead and just dripped riiiight into my mouth. It tasted awful, but the effect was brilliant, as I looked as though I was chewing on body parts when I bared my teeth to smile.

And then today I had a wedding to attend, Boy’s dad’s girlfriend’s daughter. It was really unique, outside (even though it was chilly) and very much done by the bride and groom on a low budget – but it looked so good. It looked like the table markers were wooden blocks with numbers you would see on a house nailed in, each table had two bottles of wine made in PA on them, the colors were green and purple, and the food included a make-your-own-taco-bar!

The ceremony was simple, and heartwarming, and even though I don’t know the bride and groom at all, I feel like it was very much tailored to who they are as a couple. Instead of the typical lighting a candle or pouring sand into a jar, they poured solids into this big chemistry beaker filled with purple liquid (the groom has a career in the scientific field), and the liquid just kept rolling and changing colors, signifying the way marriage will forever change, and continue to change, the individual.

I’m such a sucker for weddings. These two seemed genuinely in love, and it was all so simple and amazing. And this was our second wedding! Last week two friends of ours got married and it was so much fun. And, we looked smashing.


He’s such a handsome guy. 


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