HOT SHOTS – and what it’s like to have a baby….kind of.

What a week! Holy crap.

Monday’s WOD was the Hot Shots 19, a WOD in honor of the 19 members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots firefighters that tragically lost their lives on June 30 while fighting a fire in Arizona,


30 squats

19 power cleans 135/95

7mil pullups

1 lap

(or whatever fits into 20 mins)

When we walked in Brennan said there really wasn’t a cap on it if we didn’t want there to be. There was enough space and a little amount of people that we could afford to continue after the 20 minutes if we felt we could. Brennan’s advice was pretty much this: If you’re just starting round 3 at 20 minutes, just stop.

I ended up going 4 rounds in 29 minutes. I simply had to quit because I couldn’t go on any more. Brennan didn’t want us doing touch-and-go power cleans in order to save our backs, so we were dropping the bar after each, which killed my time. Also, got some bruises.


Fast and furious! Just how we like it. And EXACTLY how the rest of the week went.

Tuesday arrived, and this is how the WOD was described on our Facebook:

Plate mayhem. Every exercise includes a bumper plate.

It’s like the ‘see what its like to have a baby’ test from high school… only with a bumper plate.

Brennan wasn’t kidding. We were pretty much glued to a plate the whole time. The RX was 25 for ladies, 45 for dudes. It was 20 push-ups with feet on a plate, 20 two-count lunges, 20 plate jumps (literally just hopping over your plate, each time counting as one) and then running to the fence and back – WITH THE PLATE.

Let me first say that I had to use a 10-pound plate for the lunges because, while 25 will go swimmingly when I’m down on my right knee, it does not look too hot when I lunge with my left; I simply can’t get up. I also can’t do strict push-ups (still) so I was doing them knees-down next to the plate.

It was three rounds of this, which was not too shabby and, again, made things fast and furious. The worst part were the lunges, but the most difficult was the running fence and back. Like, how the hell do you comfortably lug a plate? Spoiler alert: YOU DON’T.

Some people were briefcase carrying it (putting it under one arm), I hugged mine to my chest, until the third round, when I figured out the easiest way: haul it up and over your head, letting the bottom part rest against your shoulders and holding the upper part with your hands (so as to avoid injuring your neck).

I wish I had figured that out earlier.


Diane 21-15-9 DL and HSPU

Deadlifts: No prob, got those mofos nailed. I actually went a little light, until Mike came over and told me to switch bars, thus putting me at 95 pounds for the WOD.

Handstand push-ups are a beautiful thing, when one can do them, but I cannot, so I went with the scale, which was to do shoulder presses or push presses instead. I went with push presses because I know I can only bang out three shoulder presses at a low weight, so I just did pushes at 40 pounds the whole time.

I FINISHED THE WOD IN 7:15. Spectacular. I never finished something so quick. And the girl next to me totally cheated on her reps. But whatever – SHE’S JUST CHEATING HERSELF.

So yea, that is Crossfit for me this week, sadly, because tomorrow I go in for a surgery to remove an abscess on my inner right thigh. Yes, it is in the WORST SPOT EVER.

I’m terrified, no lie. Going under via anesthesia is probably the freakiest thing to me. So. Yea. If you hear from me no more, I died.



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