“I mean, who are we?”

Those are the exact words my friend Kristin said as she, one of my best guy friends and her boyfriend Justin, myself, and Boy were walking out of my apartment at 9 a.m. yesterday, a Saturday morning. Kristin and Justin drove up here from Philadelphia to run in a 5K race with Boy and I – it was the first 5K for all of us except Kristin.

“If this was us this time last year we’d be too hung over to even attempt this,” Justin remarked, and he was right. But, alas, it seems we’ve all grown up and we were dedicating our early Saturday morning to fitness and to accomplishing something that all but one of us had never done before.

I pegged this as my first 5K at the beginning of the summer and set to work on who would do it with me. Boy and I ran the 3.1 miles on vacation and I was doing it in about 35 minutes, which I was ok with, considering I hate to run and don’t do it often at all.

And then yesterday came and I was sick to my stomach with nervousness. BUT – you know what? I finished, and I finished with a personal best time of 31 minutes, and I came in 249 out of 280+ (I dunno the final number) and I was totally ok with that.


(Please excuse my huge Dre Beats. They are the only things I can run with, as they don’t try to fight their way out of my ears the entire time.)


(Kristin and I are definitely wearing the exact same outfits, just different shirt colors. We can’t help it!) 

They said the run was on “relatively flat ground,” which is a complete lie because every other turn felt like a huge hill! I hit a point in the run where I wanted to cry, feelings that quickly changed to me wanting to throw up which then turned into me wanting to pass out.

I did none of those. Yes, I was in the back of the race pretty much the entire time, but I was in the race. That’s more than most people do on a Saturday morning.

We were running over a bridge to start, and I couldn’t help but catch my breath and tear up slightly at not only the beautiful view, but the fact that I was doing something I never thought I’d say I could do.

It’s all about pushing yourself to your limits in order to get to know yourself better and appreciate the person you are and all that you can do, especially when you never expected that you could do it.

And, it’s a little addicting. I ran a 5K! I want to run another! I don’t care what place I come in, because practice makes perfect, and running is good for both my physical and mental health.


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