Muh effin PR.


Last week we did a WOD that involved push presses, which is power cleaning the bar to rack on your shoulders, then using a dip drive motion to propel it over your head, and then continually doing that. Looks this this:


Well, I was rocking 35 pounds last week and dying, but today I threw on TEN MORE POUNDS, and made it through. BOOM.

I started an Olympic lifting program where three days a week I’ve been finding my PR on certain lifts, and then once I enter into the actual program I’ll be doing said lifts with taking 10% off of my PR weight, eventually moving the poundage up and up, building strength as well as good form. I was doing it for one week and it was already helping with my arm strength, as proven by this wonderful PR I hit today on the push press.

Again, goes to prove that you just need to push yourself, and you can do whatever you put your mind to.

God dammit, I love lifting weights.


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