Well, well.

Does it even look like I just ran in the rain and left sweat angels all over the box for a solid half hour this morning?




DIDN’T THINK SO. I am officially a pro at cleaning my ass up after a WOD in time for work. Yeaaa.

Today was horrific. Everyone was dying.

50/40 calorie row

2 minute rest

5 laps (1 mile)

2 minute rest

100 air squats

2 minute rest

5 laps

The squats. BUT THE SQUATS. My quads were so tight when I was done I thought my legs were going to snap off as I was running the laps. Thankfully, Karen ran with me the ENTIRE time and yelled at me every time I slowed down, so I kept up a great pace. Which is needed, because the god damn 5K is this weekend!

I finished that WOD in 34 minutes. The resting helped, definitely, but sometimes I wanted to shortchange it so I could just get moving and get it over with.

This. This was everyone today.



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