Give me an ‘R’ – now follow that shit up with an ‘X’!

Well. I RXed today. I. R. Xed.

Sure, it was on a small WOD, but I did it! It was 2 minutes of a lap, then alternating lunges with a plate overhead and v-twists holding a plate, and 3 minutes of rest, for 9 rounds.

If you ran your lap in 1:30 or less, you were to run the whole lap. If not, you just ran to the fence and back twice. Well, I ran every single lap. Sure, I was clocking 2 minutes by the end, but I would use 30 seconds of my rest time to do the lunges or twists.

I was always the last one back in the box, but EVERYONE was cheering me on.

As for the plate? I used the 25 pound RX set forth for women. That might not seem like much, but please consider that the last time I lunged I had NO plate in my hands. It hurt, it sucked, I only did about 4 lunges at a clip, but god dammit – it felt good.

I had no choice, really, and that’s thanks to Mike and Kyle, who were on my ass the entire time. Ya know what? That’s ok. Honestly, I like being yelled at (not in a mean way, of course) and having them waiting for me at the last stretch of the lap telling me to pick my feet up, pump my arms, and move it.

The third lap in Mike was telling me to be right on the ass of this girl Selina, who was the fastest runner. I was, for the first stretch of the lap, but then slowed it down. It just hurt. But, I finished every single lap, which is more than I can say for any running I may have done recently.

And now, I stretch and ice my calves. Because, ow.


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