Baby, you’re a firework.


There are certainly going to be a lot of things blowin’ up today – but the one thing that a fire has definitely been taken to is my COMFORT ZONE. AND I SURVIVED IT.

Yes, on this lovely day of independence I gained a bit of confidence – Boy and I actually went to Crossfit together.

Now, I have always had a thing about working out in front of people in general, so working out with someone I love is even weirder. I don’t even know if that makes sense at all.

Anyway, I was nervous that I’d be straight up embarassed with him around at the box. I’m not the most athletic and, even though I know he doesn’t care and would never make fun of me in any way, the thought of doing such intense physical activity next to him filled me with a sense of dread. (There’s a sex joke in here somewhere, but I am too tired to even think of it.)

But today I bit the bullet (Roman candlestick?) and decided that we should go together. It honestly wasn’t that bad, because I was concentrating entirely too hard on STAYING ALIVE THE WHOLE TIME.

24 minutes


1st- mil pul

2nd- thrusters@85/55

3rd- situps

What a WOD, man. There were bodies EVERYWHERE in the box. Everyone started at a different station and rotated. So, it went in the order of military pullups, thrusters, situps, military pullups, thruster, situps, etc., each for a minute, totaling 24 minutes.

Thrusters. Talk about explosions. BOOM, you need to do just that to get the damn bar up over your head. The range of motion on this is a big one.

First you have to rack the bar on your shoulders (power clean that shit up), then go into a full front squat, then come up from the squat and in doing so push the bar right up over your head so that your head comes through the plane of your arms and balances over your heels.

This video is a good one (and also features my favorite Crossfitter, Christmas Abbott). A thruster engages everything: you’re driving through your heels, using your leg strength to get up from the squat and put the bar overhead, and engaging your shoulders by ensuring that the bar is in the right spot once it’s at the top – not pulling you forward.

That being said, I did a lot of those mother fuckers today, and at a rapid pace, so I think I need a nap before the annual red/white/blue drinking commences.

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!!!



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