Whip it real good.

Ladies and gentlemen, my ass feels just fine.

Just thought you’d want to know, because of the tailbone injury, obvs.

Today’s WOD:

200 DUs

Then 5 rounds:

3 Muscle Ups (scaled to pullups)

5 Clean and Jerks @165/105

The second half of that was not so much the daunting part. The first is. A DU is a double under, and it is a form of torture.

A speed rope is an unforgiving thing, It is in no way like the jump rope you had as a kid. Speed ropes are made of a vinyl cord and when said vinyl cord is being whipped about at double the speed of a normal jump rope, well, it’s gonna leave some marks.

A double under is when the rope passes twice under your feet with only one turn of the rope. It’s very hard, and thank God the scale today was to spend your first two minutes attempting as many double unders as possible if you didn’t have them down pat, which I don’t.

I have a tendency to jump KNEES TO CHEST and swing swing swing with my wrists, but stop dead instead of continuously swinging, giving me only one solid double under at a time. Also, when they’re timed incorrectly, I hit myself with the rope – on my forearm, my tricep, my calf, my shin, EVEN THE BACK OF MY HEAD.

And, ladies, ponytails are not your friend, unless it’s something really tight and close to your head. Amy has coined the term “double under hair” for her incredibly loose and messy ‘do that comes out of hurling a rope around the length of her body for a long period of time.

Yikes. Thank God Ryan Gosling is ok with this shit.

ryan dus




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