Don’t blow your WOD.

Holy WOD. This was a huge one, and yet another one my tailbone caused me to put restrictions on.

10 rope ascents (scaled to 30 strict pullups/banded pullups)

20 box jumps

30 pushups

40 kettlebell swings 

50 wall balls

2 meter rowing

2 backwards laps


Now when I say backward laps, I don’t mean we ran around the parking lot in the opposite direction we normally do –  I mean my whole body was RUNNING. BACKWARDS. My calves were so tight, and the only thing I loved about it is that I got to employ some derby skills by having my head on a swivel to ensure I didn’t run into anyone/a car.

Oddly enough, the rowing and the backward laps were a RELIEF. I had to skimp on the wall balls because I couldn’t squat, so I only did about 30 before the coach was like “Ok, stop.”

What are wall balls? WEIRD, and kinda fun. You take a weighted ball that’s kinda soft and chuck it up into the air at these boards on the wall that have three line demarcations to note how high you’re tossing it. I was throwing for the lowest mark, but it was still TOUGH. You go down into a squat and launch yourself up (you hear the term “explosive hips” a lot in Crossfit), then chuck the ball towards the line, catching it on the way back down and immediately going back into a squat to do it all over again.

This makes me kinda dizzy, because of the focus you have to have that’s all upward. Also, there’s a thin pipe that runs about head height throughout the box that you REALLY want to avoid, because if the ball clips it you’re getting smacked in the face. Yes, I have a slight brush burn on my nose. Shut up.

Today was total chaos because there were so many of us that we had two heats, so they made the second heat start when the first got so many minutes in (to about the end of their kettlebell swings). THERE WERE BODIES EVERYWHERE. And then in the end we all came together and did a walking lap and bonded over how fucking awful it was.


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