Ohmigod, shooz.

pretty shoes

It is so, so very true.

There are many people at my Crossfit box that have THE MOST. BAD ASS. SNEAKERS. EVER.

I  have been told by a bunch of fellow Crossfitters that shoes with flat soles are the best for lifting (some people even lift in Chuck Taylors!), so I recently went on the hunt for the perfect sneaker and drug Boy along.

(For some more info on the best shoes for Crossfit, check out this article from EveryLastRep.com.)

I found them. The most glorious pair ever: New Balance Minimus’s, in black/pink/purple.

I am so picky about shoes, any kind of shoes, so it was a wonder that I not only found a pair, but they were at a local store!

FOR $90.

Look. I know that sneakers are expensive and they last you a HELL of a long time but I just could not afford them until next paycheck.

And yet – I own them. They are on my feet. I WODed with them today. How, you ask? Did I steal them? No. I stopped doing that shit when I was 16 (kidding!).

Boy. Wonderful, wonderful Boy, who walked into my apartment with copious amounts of presents for no specific reason and knocked me right off my feet – them promptly got me back up on them with one of the presents:

IMG_20130606_200536Oh. My. God. They. Are. So. Pretty.

And yes, that is a stuffed husky next to it, which is named Grey Wind, after the direwolf pet of a character in “Game of Thrones.” Geek love. Deal with it.


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