A little friendly competition.


I’ve heard about them. I’ve heard they are the bane of existence. In fact, on the wall of our box there is a big sign about the rules of Crossfit, and on the bottom there is a section titled “Things That Will Earn You 30 Burpees.”


So please imagine my chagrin when I walked in today to see my very own personal WOD, that went as such:

16 burpees

400 meters row

14 buprees

350 m row

12 burpees

300 m row

10 burpees

250 m row


So, what exactly is this crazy thing that sounds like something a mom would use on her baby after it eats?

A burpee is a full body exercise that involves squatting, dropping down from that into a push up, popping up into a squat again, then jumping straight up and clapping your hands above your head. Video and picture here.

The only thing that kept me up and going during this WOD was the fact that my friend Amy, who I went to high school with and has been a Crossfitter for four months now, did it alongside me. She told coach Mike that she wanted to do a WOD with me and this is one she did on her intro week that she hated and I completely see why.

We did it side by side and I tried my hardest to keep up with her. I didn’t, exactly, but I wasn’t very far behind either.

Burpees are awful, but they are a full body workout for sure. Rowing is simply sitting on a rowing machine and pulling your ass off until you hit the meter number you need. My suggestion if you need to row? Huge, strong pulls. It’ll allow you to do less of them and still achieve as many meters as you need.

A lot of people use the point of competition to oppose Crossfit – after all, it’s the only type of exercise where you get a score at the end of each time you do it and have the option to post it up on a whiteboard among all the other scores, whether it be time a WOD was finished in or the weight poundage you lifted. Some may frown upon that but, honestly, I find it to be a huge motivator. I obviously haven’t been putting my shit up on the whiteboard yet, but I can’t wait until the day I do.

Before a WOD I’ll check out the whiteboard. When I start doing the WODs like everyone else I know I’m going to use that board’s list as a bar to set for myself. Granted, there’s only the 6 a.m. class before me, which is filled with a bunch of animals, but at least I’ll have something to shoot for.


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