So after 27 years of life, this is where I currently am:

  • I have beat the shit out of my body with booze and bread sticks and numerous lingering trips to the Wegmans cheese shop.
  • I had my first flash-in-the-pan relationship, which left me scratching my head and reflecting on who I am as a person, in both love and other things. The only good thing that came out of this was the urging to join roller derby, of which I am now a part of. Yes, I FINALLY found Sally Sadist – look at how boss she fucking is:


  • I finally landed a position at a weekly arts and entertainment magazine that’s a part of the same company after toiling away at the daily for two plus years. I am in love with this position – even though our paper was recently bought out by a big corporate entity and is slowly being run into the ground. People are getting fired, we’re all stressed, and I’m probably going to have to look for a new job soon.

So, I have decided simply this:


Honestly, though – with everything, but I need to love ME first, and part of that is getting into the shape I’ve always wanted to. I’ve been sloowwlyyy climbing on the fitness train over the past year, but have never taken the full jump – until now.

I wrote a story on our local Crossfit organization last week, and the owner so graciously offered for me to try it out. Now, I am not one to go to the gym because I find it incredibly uncomfortable and embarrassing, but you know what they say: Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

This could not have come at a better time because I am currently reeling from a bender in the Bronx, wherein my best friend and I got shitty for the majority of yesterday to, from, and all that in between in regards to a Yanks vs. Sox game. Let’s call that my last hurrah.

What is Crossfit, you ask? It’s a workout program of constantly varied functional movements at a high intensity that covers a broad range of fitness – meaning it helps you to work your body in not just one specific area, gaining an overall result. I suck at explaining things. So here, and here:

what is crossfit

You’ll notice that entries prior to this have focused on food, my love life, and nerdy stuff, among other things. That will still play a part, but as the days go by I hope that I continue to change as a person, as I’ve been doing so much recently, and to share a journey that I think is hard for most to take – the one of health and fitness. I hope to chronicle how things go here, and I apologize in advance for the cursing. I can’t help it.

And I know that this will last at LEAST a month because I really like the owner of Crossfit and would not want to disappoint him by not trying something out that I told him I was so interested in.

Plus, I’m not a fucking quitter.


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