Dig, set, SPIKE.

I just realized that a while ago I mentioned the fact that I played my first volleyball game in 8 years and never expounded upon it. Here we go!

In high school my best friend Kelley and I were the best players on the team. Before you go thinking I have a big head, here are some things to consider:

  • Our final two seasons as Varsity players our team went 0-28.
  • I was one of the better hitters – and I come in at around 5’4”.

No, we were not good. Yes, Kelley and I almost got into fisticuffs over lost games many a times. But did we enjoy ourselves? Hell. Yes.

So when we got an invite from a younger girl that played with us to come join the league she played in we couldn’t say no. We’d both been itching to get back on the court for a long time – she in her usually back-row digging position, me on the front lines cranking balls down the opponent’s throats.

The day after that first game I couldn’t move properly. My legs felt like jello (like they do after I slow down quickly when I see a cop out of nowhere and I’ve been going 30 mph over the speed limit), and I couldn’t lift my arms up the whole way.

But, did we have fun? HELL. YES.

We knew no one on the team except the girl that invited us but now, weeks into this, we’re all friends, and everyone is so great. We’re also a really good team. (Kel and I are obviously not used to winning, so you can imagine how stoked we are every time a W goes up in our favor.)

This past weekend we rocked Halloween costumes on the court. We lost the first game (do you know how hard it was for some people to adjust to playing in, say, a Ramen Noodle suit?), but then we dominated in the last two.

Kel and I decided to pair it up, and went as Betty and Wilma.

Adorbs, no!?

And here you’ll see the entire team, and how great we all looked. We had a damn BLAST too. Although I almost wretch before every game because of sheer nervousness, I can’t wait to play tonight. 🙂


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