delizioso e semplice

I’m part Polish, part Italian. Unfortunately, when it comes to cooking, my Polack side takes over and I’m most often left with a not-so-savory meal. I’ve found a snack that not only pleases my clumsy Polish parts but kicks the hell out of the tastebuds that appreciate some Italian eats: the boule/asiago/roasted red pepper mix.

Since I’ve just started my foray into truly appreciating food (I was the girl who scraped the cheese off her pizza for half her life, after all) I have yet to come across many memorable meals. However, when I think Italian I think of something I ate about a year ago when I visited my best friend’s boyfriend’s house to do a story on his family’s wine press. This guy is super Italian (his first name is Donato, natch), and he made a meal for me and the photographer that I have been dying to eat again, and finally accomplished the other night after much frenzied Facebook messaging back and forth with the master chef.

All you need is loaf of rosemary olive oil boule (a round loaf of bread that can be found in most grocery store bakeries), a wedge of asiago cheese, and a red pepper. I used two peppers the first time I did this and it was more than enough food.

You know by now that I’m really good at burning things, so roast red peppers I did. After gutting them (another fav!) and chopping ’em up, I drizzled some EVOO. I then proceeded to make little sammies of a bread piece, slice of asiago, and bit of pepper.

Oh, man. I can’t even describe how well the sharp taste and soft texture of that asiago goes with the crunchy pepper and flavor-filled bread. It’s just a perfect marriage of tastes, and one that I’m going to continue to go back to many, many times.


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